Offensive Language
Although we do encourage all age groups to play, we must keep in consideration that we have younger players, in keeping with this knowledge excessive swearing (including mask swearing) is prohibited on the site. A violation of this rule can lead up to a warning (two max) and a ban of 48 hours.
Warning: Repeat offenders will get an increase in ban time and potential expulsion from the game. Furthermore, the admins of WotN reserve the right to use discretion in terms of punishment suitable to the reviewed offense. The warning system is a privilege, not a guarantee.

Avatars showing any of the following: racism, sexual innuendos, substance abuse or containing swear words, are banned from being uploaded. Avatars found to be in violation of these rules will immediately be removed by administrators and the account will be given a placeholder image. Avatars are not subject to warnings and players in violation can expect a more severe suspension.

Chat Functions
Chat areas are a place for people to feel welcome and to socialize. As a result, users are expected to show respect to others. Not agreeing with another player is not a reason to show disrespect. Furthermore, all players utilizing chat functions are to avoid spamming, including font functions i.e. (Overuse of Bold, Italic, Underline, Links etc.). Failure to adhere to rules of chat functions will result in admin intervention and recourse based on offense.

Harassing, sexually harassing, bullying, or otherwise pestering a user is not allowed in any chat functions. Bans will be issued if valid proof is present.
Note: We understand roleplaying naturally comes with RPG’s such as WotN, however please keep in mind that not all players are interested in RP. Repeat roleplaying requests are a form of harassment if the receiving user has made it clear they are not interested.

Whenever a staff member issues a ban it is final. In cases that you feel you have been wrongfully banned please contact another administrator or moderator to verify. If you believe a staff member is unjustly targeting or harassing you please contact another listed moderator or administrator with a detailed description and some form of evidence (such as a screenshot). Warning: Do not abuse this function. If you file a report against a moderator and it is found you were rightfully given a punishment or ban and your report against the moderator is your form of retaliation, there will be appropriate consequences. Conversely, if it is found that a moderator is abusing their power, it will be handled with the same level of severity.
Note: Please do not ask to become a moderator, you will be contacted if you are fit for the position and there is a need.

User Responsibility
You are allowed to have ONE account in this game, anymore alt accounts that are found will be removed immediately. Furthermore, sharing of accounts is forbidden. This includes the selling of or trading accounts.
Warning: You, the owner of the account, are responsible for any actions taken by anyone who accesses your account.

Hacking, Glitching, Botting
Hacking: Users that attempted to or were found hacking will immediately be banned from the game along with the potential to have charges press against them.
Warning: Staff reserve the right to reallocate stats or modify accounts found to be breaking these three rules in relation to the offense.
Glitching: Users found to be abusing a glitch may be banned from the game. The length of the ban will depend on the severity of the glitch and is left to staff discretion.
Warning: Staff reserve the right to reallocate stats or modify accounts found to be breaking these three rules in relation to the offense.
Botting: Botting the game is forbidden. If a user is found to be utilizing bots you will be banned from a minimum of one week to a potential permanent ban.
Warning: Staff reserve the right to reallocate stats or modify accounts found to be breaking these three rules in relation to the offense.

False Reporting
False reporting, spamming reports, and abusing the report system in any way may result in immediate termination of your account. Don’t waste our time, we won’t waste yours. Legitimate reports will be handled in a timely fashion.