The Shinobi World

ALERT! The game has been reset and all accounts have been deleted as a result. Feel free to sign back up(to a much more balanced game.)

    After years of peace and prosperity a golden age has finally come to a crashing halt with the death of the Grand Hokage. The leader of all 5 villages in the land. Each and every village had a close bond with the wise sage and every village mourned greatly after his assassination. However, the time of mourning has ended and now the fingers are flying. No village trusts another and fights are breaking out as rumors and accusations start circulating. Can you prove that you are strong enough to rule the land? Or will you fight to prove your villages cause?

You have the option to either join:

  • Serenity, fight to bring the world into Harmony.
  • Twilight, fight to bring the world into Order.
  • Luminescent, fight to bring peace and prosperity back.
  • Divine, fight to show your ways are the stronger and better ways.
  • Chaos, fight to prove that no ruler is fit to rule. Anarchy is King.

Choose wisely and watch who you trust. You never know if you'll end up with a knife in your back.